• [NOV23] Anemone's Bounding Demon MK. II


  • 21 Total (5 Unique)
  • ~3.30 Battery/minute
  • 63 Autobuild Cost

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My (u/anemone9996) [@anemone_cyberhag] submission to r/HyruleEngineering's November 2023 Walker Mech Design Contest. Inspired both by recent trends in mech design, and my own long-term experience in mech design. In my opinion, this is one of the best mechs out there and possibly my best design. It simply excels at everything it aims to do -- steering, running, climbing, and swimming -- and only requires Recall pressing to make, and is very simple otherwise. Named after the Bounding Demons "dragon butts" from Dark Souls 1's Lost Izalith area, this mech walker parallels these demons in its unrelenting ferocity in maintaining movement. Nothing can stop it!


  • vehicle
  • mecha
  • boat
  • aesthetic

By Anemone

Created: 2023-11-11

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