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Blueprints can be imported into the game using Marc Robledo's SaveGame Editor for TotK . HyruleWorks is not responsible for any damages to your system or save file. Use blueprints at your own risk.


  • 5 Total (2 Unique)
  • ~0.75 Battery/minute
  • 15 Autobuild Cost

Tip: click on a part to see its location on TotK Object Map . Not all part locations are available.


this breaks Blehditor so I have no idea if this will work for you guys, if you try to open it shows up as nothing even though the preview looks fine below. if you want to try it just add it to your save file and see if it shows up when you go to make it pretty much is the only way to test it. the individual piece came attached to a dragon horn in the database it was in and I was able to import that to the game just fine though I never opened it prior. so this may be a dud so I found an indestructible stone door in a database that won't interact the environment I.e. trees permanent structures and the ground itself. it does interact with NPCs and items. This is basically a set of four wheels with a ghost body that can hit enemies. much less getting stuck on trees (especially for a vehicle of this insane size), though the wheels can still catch for a second obviously. The oversized Wheels have insane damage when you hit things with them; if you get an enemy between those two wheels and just gun it =oblit.

By Gino R Molicious

Created: 2023-12-05

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