• Zonai Divine Beast


Work-in-progress model viewer made by SuperSpazzy. Initial load may be slow.

Blueprints can be imported into the game using Marc Robledo's SaveGame Editor for TotK . HyruleWorks is not responsible for any damages to your system or save file. Use blueprints at your own risk.


  • 21 Total (11 Unique)
  • ~17.61 Battery/minute
  • 0.18 Rocket Battery Cost
  • 160 Autobuild Cost

Tip: click on a part to see its location on TotK Object Map . Not all part locations are available.


This is the closest thing to a divine beast. It is slow tho so I will be working on optimizing it. This was made near May 31 I recommend mods which make zonai parts last forever.

By user-1701905420124

Created: 2023-12-06

Updated: 2024-01-07

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