• No-Clip parts pack


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Blueprints can be imported into the game using Marc Robledo's SaveGame Editor for TotK . HyruleWorks is not responsible for any damages to your system or save file. Use blueprints at your own risk.


  • 6 Total (3 Unique)
  • ~0.00 Battery/minute
  • 18 Autobuild Cost

Tip: click on a part to see its location on TotK Object Map . Not all part locations are available.


A collection of the most notable parts you have probably never built with. Except for the Zonai sliderbox a/b, gear handle, sliderboards and the 7x scale rubber platform it all sits on, and the remaining parts are no clip with the environment and will fall through planet Hyrule itself if you drop them. putting them on top of another object is also safe, and a good idea. I cannot back up the statement of which parts are not no-clip, I didn't actually test them all/am guessing. All of these parts will still collide with NPCs and enemies.

By Gino R Molicious

Created: 2023-12-30

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