• The Gumbo Pod


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  • 21 Total (6 Unique)
  • ~35.58 Battery/minute
  • 63 Autobuild Cost

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My Magnum Opus Creation: The Gumbo Pod. Maxed part vehicle, 7 fans, 6 Lazer pulser turret, with two individually aiming cannons that carpet bomb the shit out of everything, have an amazing range of fire, and almost never blows itself up (the cannons can hit the tail fin when shooting at something above and behind you in some rare cases). Takes off nearly vertically and is incredibly easy to land. Climbs and dives well and nice tight turns considering how many parts it uses. There are max part builds with more weaponry but this one was built to FLY BABY.


  • vehicle
  • flying

By Cleftmanchin

Created: 2023-10-12

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